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Less dust, Less noise, and excellent braking force. Brake pad with less brake noise and dust.

Product Code: SDF

Price Japanese cars
(F) 20,000 yen (22,000 yen tax included)
(R) 18,000 yen (19,800 yen tax included)
Other cars
(F) 23,000 yen (25,300 yen tax included)
(R) 21,000 yen (23,100 yen tax included)
Material Non steel not asbestos
Temperature range 0-350 degrees C
Fade-proof performance Over 450 degrees C
Dust Little
Friction coefficient 0.37-0.48
Initial braking power Hard
Nature of Rotor attack Few
Run field Street
Features Dust-proof

The dust-proof performance was proved by the test run.

The comparison test by the general user of a sport pad (our company conventional article) and a “Super Dust Free (SDF)”. It tested on not a sport run but the city area, and the high-speed way as a general user used it usually.


Sport PAD

1,126km (17 days)

6,291km (4 months)


Sport PAD

842km (9 days)

5,576km (5 months)